Papadopoulos company provides a wide range of rusks for all tastes: Classic, traditional and round rusks to complement every every meal!

Classic rusks: Well-baked, tasty and crispy rusks in convenient packaging (fresh packs) that add a special taste to every meal. Enjoy them in 3 different flavors: wheat, with rye and with wholegrain flour.

Rusks “No added sugar and salt”:For those of you who want to reduce the intake of salt and sugar, we have created rusks without added sugar and salt, low in sodium. When following a balanced diet and exercise, reducing sodium intake helps maintain a normal blood pressure. Available in two flavors, Wheat and Rye, so you can choose the one that suits you best!

Traditional rusks: With Papadopoulos’s unique recipe and a characteristic and rich taste. Tradition meets flavor in your every day life! Enjoy them in 3 flavors: with 6 Cereals, Wholegrain, and with Sesame Seeds.

Round rusks: Papadopoulos round rusks taste great, have a light crispy texture and are ideal for snacking. Available in two delicious flavors: Wholegrain and Wheat.

How they are made - Rusks

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