Papadopoulou Ancient Spora bread changes its name and appearance and becomes Papadopoulou Dicoccum. A bread of high nutritional value with all the benefits of Whole Wheat. Cut into rich, thick slices, it is an ideal suggestion for your food. Look for it in two flavors: Multiseed with Chia & Quinoa and Whole Milled.

Whole wheat is one of the oldest grains known to man. Its first samples were found in one of the oldest settlements of the Hellenic area in Asia Minor and in other Greek prehistoric settlements, as it was one of the first grains to be cultivated. The fruit consists of 2 seeds which are covered by a hard shell that remains closely attached to them and does not come off during harvesting. Thus the fruit remains “dressed” and protected, preserving its valuable nutrients.

Both Dicoccum breads consist of:
• Source of Vegetable Fiber
• Source of Proteins
• Source of Metals

Dicoccum.  A precious bread, inspired by the ancient diet for your daily diet. Enjoy!