Sandwich Biscuits

Papadopoulos Sandwich biscuits, the original and favorite filled cookies of all of us, which give us joy and pleasure in everyday moments. The biscuits that is forever in our hearts and in our favor.

With two classic favorite flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla! But also five uniquely delicious fruit flavors – Strawberry, Lemon, Coconut, Orange and Banana. It is a delightful snack that accompanies us in our most “light” moments.

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You can also enjoy them in a Mini version in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. Small, but super delicious, they are always with us!

Choco Sandwich Biscuits, The most chocolaty version of Papadopoulos Sandwich Biscuits comes in 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla, with milk chocolate coating so we can offer the sweetest treat to our loved ones.