Digestive bars

Your favorite Papadopoulos’ Digestive biscuits are combined with a variety of cereals, red fruits, orange pieces, milk, and delicious chocolate.

Cereal bars rich in fiber, ideal for all hours of the day. The perfect choice for a healthy, nutritious and enjoyable snack! Digestive Bars make a unique snack on the go for those who want to combine in perfect balance the nutritional value of cereals with the taste Digestive biscuits.

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They are made from Digestive biscuit, 4 cereals, oat flakes, corn flakes, rice and wholegrain flour. They are rich in fiber and are available in seven mouth-watering flavors: with red fruits & milk, with red fruits & milk chocolate, with chocolate chips & milk chocolate, with orange & dark chocolate, with dark chocolate chips & no added sugar, with fruits, and with honey. Now with two more flavors with nuts: With peanuts, nut butter and milk chocolate and with almonds, hazelnut and honey!

How it is made - Digestive Bars

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