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Our vision

To enrich our lives with quality and flavor

- Papadopoulos Family

For almost a century now, our company, with the confidence of a pioneering and modern food manufacturing industry, has maintained a steady growth trajectory, never losing sight of its fundamental principles: quality, innovation, respect for the customer, ethics & excellence. Based on these values, we have built a meaningful, lifelong relationship with our consumers.

We care

We offer our customers quality products that respect Greek society and market, our people, and the environment.

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About the Product

We offer delicious products of high nutritional value paying attention to detail during every stage of the production process.

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About the Consumer

Solutions and ideas for a balanced and delicious diet all day long.

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About the Employee

Our most important asset is our people. We create a rewarding and supportive business environment, offering equal opportunities.

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About Society

Every day we reciprocate the love society has been showing us for almost a century.

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About the Environment

We conduct business in an ethical and environmentally responsible way, reducing our carbon footprint.