Personal Data Privacy Policy


“Web page” means any web page owned by the Company “E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. BISCUIT & FOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY”, hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”. “Services” mean all online services provided by our web page. In this Privacy Policy, we will refer to you using the terms “user”, “visitor”, “you”.

While visiting and navigating our website and using the services provided, you may enter your Personal Data.

We commit to protect and respect the privacy of your Personal Data and to use only information that is legally collected from you. Please keep in mind that your using of our website is subject to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of our web page. This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, how we use or/and share it, for what purposes we collect it and how it is stored. Please keep in mind that this agreement applies only to information collected by the web page and not to information collected or obtained in other ways or by other means. Please read carefully this Privacy Policy in order to understand our views and practices related to your personal data and how we manage them.

This Privacy Policy is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Rule (679/2016) and the implementing Greek legislation.

This Privacy Policy specifies:

  • What kind of Personal Data we collect from you and how
  • Cookies policy
  • How your Personal Data can be used
  • To whom we may disclose your Personal Data
  • Where we process and store your Personal Data
  • The period for which we may keep your Personal Data
  • Obligation of Explicit Consent for promotional actions
  • Protecting your Personal Data
  • Why we are linked to other web pages/media
  • How we can modify this Privacy Policy
  • How you can contact us regarding Personal Data issues

User Age Requirements: In order to use our web page and the services provided you must be older than 18 years old. If you are younger than 18 years old, you must not use the web page. Persons with parental responsibility must protect minors and prevent them from accessing and using web pages addressed to adults, and they are solely responsible for this.

What kind of Personal Data we collect from you and how

We may collect Personal Data about you during your registration or subscription to one of our services and in any other way you contact us, such as means of communication, comments on blogs, posts or articles made available by our services, when participating in contests or special offers, during your registration to special offers or other newsletters, when participating in research groups or filling in surveys. You must provide your explicit consent separately so that we can process your personal data regarding any of the aforementioned actions according to the instructions for each case.

We state that our web page complies with the Principle of Data Minimization and, thus, we collect the minimum amount of information possible in order to be able to provide the services.

The information about you that we collect and keep may include your name, electronic address, landline and mobile number, home address, IP address, search criteria, answers to research groups and surveys, the type of browser you use (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari), the number of times you accessed the web page and for how long, your reference URL (the origin-web page from which you reached our web page), cell IDs (these are the unique identifiers of telecommunications towers used by your mobile phone when you use services based on your phone or tablet’s location) and further location-based services (e.g. GPS measurements), Internet service provider or phone network, content you share with us while using our services, date of birth, password information, answers to security questions and any other information you may provide us.

Furthermore, we collect information that is not intended to be associated or identified with the persons it relates to, but is of such nature that, if processed and associated with data kept by third parties, it allows the identification of the user. This type of data includes IP addresses or domain names of user computers connected to the Internet, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of sources searched, the time of search, the method used for conducting the search on the server, the size of the file obtained in answer, the numerical code indicating the status of the answer given by the server (successful, wrong, etc.) and other parameters related to the system and the online environment operation. These data are required only for obtaining anonymous statistics about the web page use and the control of proper function, and they are deleted immediately after they are processed. These data may be used in order to ascertain responsibility in case a hypothetical electronic crime is committed against the web page.

Furthermore, we may collect data regarding the way in which you use the services provided, such as the period for which you access each provided service and the duration you remain therein, the web page on which you were before accessing a service or the web page you will visit after accessing a service, choices and options you make and preferences you set while using a service, as well as any data you enter when rating the provided services.

We do not collect data regarding your exact location, but only regarding your approximate location (typically, the city where you are) that may be determined by your IP address (Internet Protocol). We may collect your IP address (Internet Protocol) in order to be able to diagnose errors on our server and to manage our web page. IP address is the number provided to your computer when you use the Internet

Cookies policy

We use technologies such as cookies in order to provide, improve, protect and promote our Services. In this way, we collect information about you that is considered your Personal Data. Cookies are small text files that we send to your computer or device and that we may access when you visit our web page. Cookies help us remember who you are and other information about your visits. They may help in order to display information on a web page in a way that matches your interests. The use of informative cookies (that are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and disappear when a browser is closed) is strictly limited to transferring informative identifiers (consisting of random numbers originating from the server) necessary in order to allow safe and efficient search on the web page. For example, cookies can help us remember your user name for your next visit, understand how you communicate with our services, improve our services based on this information and to not allow third parties to obtain your identifiable data. You can set your browser not to accept cookies, but this may limit your ability to use the services. The only exception to this rule are cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the web page (functionality cookies) and are necessary for the display and the efficiency of the web page’s function on your computer.

For more information about the way we use cookies, please read our Cookies Policy.

How your Personal Data can be used

We commit that whenever you provide us your Personal Data, we will use them in conformance with the Applicable Law on privacy and for the purposes described in this Policy.

If you use any of our services, subscribe, review or change your account information, we record your personal information and we may use it for various purposes, namely:

  • in order to offer all services provided in a functional and efficient way
  • in order to present content and material adjusted to your needs and the way you use the services provided
  • in order to manage your Account and be able to verify and keep your personal information accurate
  • in order to inform you about any changes in the services provided and to handle any complaints, comments or problems that you may have in relation to the use of the services provided
  • after obtaining your explicit consent, in order to provide you information about services or information that we think it may interest you or in order to improve future transactions with you (probably according to the preferences you have set)
  • after obtaining your explicit consent, in order to participate in a contest
  • after obtaining your explicit consent, in order to send you newsletters and information about events, contests, as well as for statistical, survey and research purposes
  • for financial/fiscal audits or reports or product invoicing, if needed
  • for insurance coverage, educational, administrative and legal purposes
  • for whatever requested by the law or in relation to extrajudicial proceedings or extrajudicial dispute settlement
  • in order to prevent, identify and investigate illegal activities, violations of any agreements between you and us and threats to the security of the services provided
  • for any other uses set out in the Terms of Use of our web page.


Customization of online services and targeted advertising: We may use your Personal Data and the information we collect via cookies when you use our services in order to get an idea about your interests. Then, we may use this information in order to try to verify that, when we send you advertising messages and when you visit our web pages or use our online services, you will not miss any deals and information that may interest you.


Comments and views submitted at our online services: If you wish to submit a comment or a view in a blog or an article posted on our online services, we may (without being obliged to) publish the comment online or offline in order to advertise our actions and services. We may collect your electronic address, name or user name displayed next to your comment and use them in order to contact you in relation to your comment or to publish them following your separate consent.


Mobile telephony services: When you browse our web pages using our services via mobile telephony, we may keep your mobile phone number, the origin company and the device model, the operating system used on your phone and details about the network center, and we will associate a unique identifier with your mobile phone number. We will save the language of your device, the language of the applications and the country. We need this information in order to provide our services via mobile telephony services and to manage our service via a mobile phone.


Direct Marketing: For more information about the way in which we could promote products to you, please read the section titled “Obligation of explicit consent for promotional actions”.


Customer surveys: From time to time, we may ask your opinion about our services and the contests in which you have participated. When we conduct a market research or surveys, we may use cookies and combine the information we have collected from these cookies with your answer.

For these purposes, we may disclose your information to one or more organizations listed in the section titled “to whom we may disclose your personal data”.

To whom we may disclose your Personal Data

We may disclose data, as described below, but we will not sell them to advertisers or third parties. In order to be able to disclose your data, you must give us your explicit consent as indicated on our web page.

We may disclose the personal data you provide us, at our absolute discretion, but always subject to our company’s obligations under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016) and the implementing Greek legislation, in cases, including but not limited to:

  • third party external partners, i.e. collaborating advertising companies, in order to advertise our products and services or third parties’ products and services to you when you visit our or third parties’ web pages and online services
  • other reliable third parties (e.g. advertising companies, customer service and IT providers, accounting and legal services) who help us provide, improve, protect and promote our services

Third parties will have access to your information only for the purposes of carrying out work on our behalf, pursuant to this Privacy Policy, and they shall remain responsible for the way they handle your information according to our instructions.


Law and Order: We may disclose your information to third parties in cases when it is reasonably required, such as: (a) if requested to do so by the Law, by judicial order or decision or if requested by any other competent state, legal, police, administrative or regulatory Authority, following a legal request and pursuant to the applicable laws (b) in order to protect any person from death or serious personal injury (c) in order to prevent fraud or violation of our users’ rights or (d) in order to legally protect our property rights related to our web page.

Where we process and store your Personal Data

The data you provide us are stored on our computers and/or third party service providers’ servers that we may appoint in relation to the management and operation of the web page and its services.

Information is also locally stored on the devices you use to access our services.

Data collected from you are processed by safe servers located within the European Economic Area (EEA). In the event that we must transfer, store and process your information outside the EEA, we will ask for your consent.

The company guarantees that it takes the appropriate organizational and technical measures for the protection of your data, keeping an electronic archive of all types of processing activities. However, the transmission of information via the Internet cannot be completely safe, and your data may be exposed to third parties’ malicious actions.

By providing us Personal Data you acknowledge that, provided that we have used your information pursuant to the stipulations of this Privacy Policy, we shall bear no responsibility for any use of your data by third parties who obtain and process your data.

The period for which we may keep your Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be kept until they are deleted, and for a maximum period of up to five (5) years. If you delete your account, your Personal Data will be deleted. Furthermore, if following your written request via email at [email protected], you request us to do so, we will delete or destroy any Personal Data you have provided us. But please note: (1) that there may be a period of inactivity while these data are deleted from our servers and our databases, and (2) that we may keep any of these data that are necessary in order to conform with our legal obligations, to settle legal disputes or to execute any applicable agreements we have concluded. You should keep in mind that we follow the Principle of Data Minimization and, therefore, we request, process and store the minimum amount of personal information possible in order to offer uninterrupted services.

Obligation of explicit consent for promotional actions/newsletters

We offer you the possibility to receive news and newsletters depending on your preferences about which we will contact you via electronic message, text message via mobile phone or/and email. These may include notifications about new products, articles, special offers, contests, interesting events and advertising/promotional actions about products.

Our web page is fully compliant with the applicable legislation and regulations about personal data and it implements a strict policy about obtaining the explicit consent in relation to receiving such newsletters.

You have the right to change your mind at any time and to request us to not use your personal information any longer for promotional activities.  In any case, we will give you the opportunity to unsubscribe from any service or newsletter you have subscribed to. Whenever you receive a direct product promotion from us, we will tell you how you can unsubscribe. Alternatively, you can change your settings about receiving newsletters or information about advertising/promotional actions via the relevant function of our web page or by sending us an email at [email protected].

Protecting your Personal Data

We will take reasonable care in order to ensure the safety, integrity and privacy of the information you provided us. We use technology and security means designed to protect the personal information we keep about you. Furthermore, we follow the security procedures required pursuant to the applicable privacy laws covering the storage, processing, use and release of any information you have provided us as well as measures designed to prevent any unauthorized use.

You should keep in mind that, in the cases where we gave you (or you have chosen) a password giving you access to specific parts of the services provided, you are solely responsible for keeping this password private. If the password has be stolen or otherwise used maliciously, it is your responsibility to immediately inform us in order to take any further action.

Why we are linked to other web pages and media

Our services may include hyperlinks to web pages owned or/and operated by other organizations. These web pages implement their own privacy and cookies policies and we recommend you to read them. We do not control or approve any other web pages and we are not responsible for any elements, material, products or services contained or made accessible via these web pages or for the privacy policies they implement.

If you follow us or contact us via one of our pages on third parties’ media platforms or social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube, the information you provide will be subject to the third party’s privacy policy as well as to this Privacy Policy.

How we can modify this Privacy Policy 

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time and we will publish the most recent version thereof on our web page. Any modification to this Privacy Policy will enter into force exclusively as soon as the updated Privacy Policy is posted on the web page. We recommend you to visit the Privacy Policy of our web page often so that you are aware of any modifications made.

If a revision reduces or changes your rights, we will inform you and we may request you to renew any consent provided regarding our abilities and processing your personal data.

If a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of our assets takes place or if we participate in any of the aforementioned, your information may be transferred in the framework of this agreement. We will inform you (e.g. via email to the electronic address associated with your account) for any such agreement and we will present your options as the case may be. We may request you to renew any consent provided regarding our abilities and processing your personal data.

How you can contact us regarding Personal Data issues

You have the right to know which Personal Data we keep about you and to access them. In order to request a copy, the correction or deletion thereof or for any inquiry regarding your Personal Data, please contact us at 210 3482000 or via email at [email protected].

If you wish to file a complaint in relation to the processing of your personal data, we inform you that the competent Authority is the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA), located on 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, P.C. 115 23, Athens, tel.: 210 6475600 and email: [email protected]