A unique combination of crispy wafer rolls with cocoa and hazelnut filling that melts in the mouth and awakens the senses. A perfect choice for you and your friends, as a daily indulgence, but also on more special occasions! You can enjoy Caprice in 4 delicious flavors: Caprice with hazelnut and cocoa cream, Caprice Dark with dark chocolate cream filling, Caprice Vanilla and Caprice Cappuccino with coffee flavor. You can now enjoy your favorite Caprice with 30% less sugar! Put Caprice in the freezer and enjoy a cool treat!

Caprice was released in Greece in 1978 and since then it has been holding a special place in our hearts. Caprice is now a leading brand in its category and is Papadopoulos company’s No. 1 export product worldwide.

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The “Feel the roll” campaign was inspired by the values we all identify with and the excitement we feel every time we open a new Caprice box.

By the way, how do you get the first Caprice out of the package? And when you finally open it and there are others around, do you also face the big dilemma “to share or not to share”? And what if you open the box full of longing and there is only one Caprice left inside? Is there really “anything worse”? Is it ever possible to see a Caprice box and not open it?

What if you do open it? Can you limit yourself to just one wafer roll?

How it is made - Caprice

How it is made - Caprice play button