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We Care!

We create quality products with respect to people, the environment and society

We care about offering you delicious products of high nutritional value; ensuring sure that our people develop in a balanced working environment; taking care of the environment; returning daily to society the same love it has been shown to us for almost a hundred years!

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About the Product

Putting consideration into every product

We offer you daily delicious products of high nutritional value. All the way through the production process, from the selection of raw materials till the end product reaches the consumer, we pay attention to every stage and create innovative products of high nutritional value that will make your daily life more delicious!

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About the Consumer

We make your every day delicious!

Solutions and ideas for a balanced and delicious diet all day long. We do our best to offer you products, ideas and solutions adjusted to modern lifestyle and satisfy your wish to follow a balanced yet enjoyable daily diet.

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About the Employee

Our power is our people

We try to ensure that our people evolve in a balanced work environment. Given that our most important asset is our employee's, we always work towards creating a rewarding and supportive business environment, offering equal opportunities for development and progress.

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About Society

Beside Greek society & market

Every day we reciprocate the love society has been showing us for almost a century! With sincere acts of giving back to society and endorsin institutions that support our fellow human beings in need, investing and bolstering the market, we make sure we bestow society the love it shows!

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About the Environment

With respect for the environment

We conduct business in an ethical and environmentally responsible way, reducing our carbon footprint. We strive to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, manage appropriately the by-products of the production process, recycle, invest in "green" technologies, and make responsible use of natural resources.