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A message from the CEO

Dear friends,

This is the first time we get the opportunity to share our Historical Archive with you: a journey into our company’s 100 years of operation. Thank you for always being on our side, honouring our every step along the way with your trust.


Ioanna Papadopoulou
President & CEO

100 years ago, the Papadopoulos family made the journey from Istanbul to Piraeus, the port of Athens.

100 years ago, the Papadopoulos family made the journey from Istanbul in Turkey to Piraeus, the port of Athens. Packed away in their baggage were their entire lives, along with what was to become our own life– biscuits. And if they ever dreamed of tomorrow on their journey, that dream did come true. A hundred years later, history has been made. It is the story of a family that is close to the hearts of every other Greek family.
THANK YOU for sharing these 100 years with us.

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Exhibition at the Benaki Museum in Athens

Browse the Papadopoulos 100 exhibition hosted at the Benaki Museum in Athens. Follow our history through the appetizing material sourced from our Historical Archive.

A century of company logos

While our logos have often changed in the course of those 100 years, our quality and passionate dedication are as fresh as they were on our very first day of operation.

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100 years of ads and branding

Οur commercials, package designs, posters, slogans and jingles are an integral part of our history while at the same time they constitute evidence of period aesthetics. Over these 100 years, brilliant creative minds – including several artists – brought our brands to life and added to their market value. Browse away!


In 1922, the Papadopoulos family left Istanbul, Turkey, and boarded a ship bound for Marseille, France.

When their ship stopped at the Athenian port of Piraeus, they found out that biscuits were entirely unknown in Greece. That is how they conceived the brilliant idea of staying in the country and sharing the delightful art they lovingly carried in their baggage.

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1957 saw the operation of the first large, modern company facility on Petrou Ralli Ave. in Athens.

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In 1972, the company logo was redesigned to include Evangelos Papadopoulos’ 4 children in the shape of a paper people chain.


In 1989, Papadopoulos made a bold move to enter the bread market with Krispies rusks.

In yet another daring move, 2013 saw the company entering the sliced bread arena, while also launching its first cereal bars at the same time. It has since managed to achieve an important market share in both categories.

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Did you know...

your favourite products have interesting facts to share? How could they not – after all, it’s been a 100 years!

Events, memories, figures and nuggets of information from a course spanning an entire century this year.

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