Petit Beurre

Our first Petit-Beurre biscuit was baked in 1922 at Papadopoulou family’s kitchen, in Greece.
Since then, we continue to offer your family, with love and the very same recipe, biscuits with fine taste and high nutritional value.
For those of you seeking the benefits of wholegrain foods, you may enjoy your favorite Papadopoulos Petit-Beurre Biscuits with whole wheat flour! They contain lots of fiber and are ideal for an everyday balanced diet.
Chocolate lovers also have a plenty of choices:

  • Petit-Beurre with milk chocolate
  • Petit-Beurre with whole wheat flour and dark chocolate
  • Trio Petit-Beurre with milk cream and chocolate
  • Petit-Beurre with dark chocolate

Our beloved Petit-Beurre Papadopoulou series welcomed a new product: handy fresh snack packs, each containing 4 biscuits. Each snack pack contains only 127 calories and is an ideal snack on-the-go, both for those who love Papadopoulos Petit-Beurre Biscuits flavor and also for those who seek a light snack as part of a balanced diet.

The new PAPADOPOULOS PETIT- BEURRE with oats are here to offer a delicious idea that combines the nutritional value of oats with the timeless quality of Papadopoulos Petit-Beurre Biscuits. Enjoy them in two flavors, with fine honey and lemon.

Papadopoulos Petit-Beurre Biscuits have a lot to say. Visit to find out more!

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