MASCOT sandwich biscuits with strawberry cream
and chocolate cream

Available in 200g mascot_inner
Nutrition Declaration Per 100g
 ENERGY (kJ/kcal) 2103/502
 FAT (g) 22
   of which
    SATURATES (g) 11,0
   of which
    SUGARS (g) 30
 FIBRE (g) 2,4
 PROTEIN (g) 6,7
 SALT (g) 0,64
Are kids most favorite biscuits! With their happy and funny faces, they make our little friends smile, whisking them off to a world of fun, recreation and sports, full of yummy taste and positive energy! Thanks to their delicious strawberry and chocolate filling, Mascot sandwich biscuits have a special place both in the hearts of kids and moms! These little Mascots are full of surprises! They have created a special website for their little friends, , where kids can have fun playing Tetris, solving puzzles and other such fun games! Mascot, your best buddy! The funniest taste of all! Hang out with Mascot everywhere you go!