Our nutritional values

Do you know the nutritional value of our products?
As we grow up and care more for a balanced diet, we realize the high nutritional value of the products that our mother first gave us.
One of these products were our favorite biscuits, that pediatricians suggested as a complement to our baby fruit puree – these were one of the first foods we held in our hands and nibbled on with our few teeth.
Growing up, most of us remember grandma and grandpa coming to visit us and bringing along our favorite biscuits. Afterwards, biscuits became the school snack that our mom gave us. Sometimes biscuits filled with chocolate cream, other times biscuits filled with strawberry cream and some other times just our favorite cookies.
How many times have we all waited for the bell to ring so we could share our favorite cookies and biscuits with our classmates and how many of us have secretly indulged in them during class?
Sweet memories ideally combined with a high nutritional value. Our mothers knew very well why they trusted these biscuits and so did the pediatricians that keep on recommending them from one generation to the next.
Now we’ve grown up and our dietary needs have changed. Times call for a balanced diet, wholegrain foods, small and frequent meals, all while managing a lack of time. But biscuits will always have a special place in our daily diet.
All Papadopoulos products are made from fine ingredients and using traditional recipes to which, Greek consumers have shown their love and devotion for many years.
The principal ingredient of our products, cereals – like wheat flour, rye, oats and barley, give them a special place in a daily balanced diet, since they contain carbohydrates, which is the body’s main source of energy.
In addition, biscuits contain a number of proteins associated with cereals as well as with other ingredients they may be made from, like milk.
One of the most important nutritional characteristics of biscuits is their high dietary fibre content, contained in cereals and the whole grain cereals.
As for the fat contained in biscuits, it is derived from vegetables. In addition, biscuits contain precious vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the body to function properly.