Classic rusks These well-baked, crispy rusks, with their convenient packaging (fresh packs), add a special taste to every meal. Enjoy them in 3 different flavors: Wheat, Rye, Whole wheat Flour.

Rusks “with no sugar added
” For those of you who want to reduce the consumption of salt and sugar, we have created no added salt and sugar rusks. Also, Papadopoulos rusks with no added salt and sugar are low in sodium. Within a balanced diet and exercise, reducing consumption of sodium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Available in two flavors, Wheat and Rye, so you can choose the one that suits you best!

Traditional rusks When living in the city, not much reminds us of the authentic characteristics of a village! Fortunately, there are still some tastes left to remind us of them, like PAPADOPOULOS Traditional Rusks. All the flavor of rustic bread in your favorite traditional rusks. In three original recipes: 6 Cereals, Wholegrain, with Sesame Seeds and Sourdough.

Round rusks PAPADOPOULOS round rusks taste great, have a light crispy texture and are ideal for snacking or to accompany your meals.

In two delicious flavors: Wholegrain and Brioche