Papadopoulos’ Plus; more than just another sliced bread! Plus is the only toast bread with calcium, iron, folic acid & vitamin D that makes toasting more beneficial, as it helps increase the intake of essential nutrients, in the context of a balanced diet.

Did you know that a big part of the Greek population across all age groups does not receive the recommended daily amounts of many vitamins and minerals?

This has been demonstrated by the Pan-Hellenic Health & Nutrition Study with an emphasis to the recommended daily amounts in calcium, iron, folic acid & vitamin D.

The Pan-Hellenic Nutrition and Health Study (PA.ME.D.Y.) is one of the largest nutrition studies conducted in Greece; its its main objective is to assess dietary habits and lifestyle, and detect their connection to chronic diseases among the Greek population.

Our company, consistent with its promise to offer highly nutritional products, collaborated with the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition of the Agricultural University of Greece to take into consideration the results of the research and nutritionally enhanced an everyday product – wheat bread for toast – based on the needs of the Greek population, so we can make in a simple and delicious way our daily diet more nutritious!