With the utmost respect to the traditional art of baking, we created Horiano, a sliced country bread made with the purest, finest ingredients and with a uniquely rich taste and texture, similar to that of freshly-baked traditional bread.

Thanks to the way it is prepared and packaged, the natural sourdough used and its natural ingredients, such as fava bean flour and vinegar, it remains shelf stable, fluffy and soft. Different kinds of flours and yeast are mixed and kneaded to create a fine loaf, baked and packaged with care, producing a type of bread that complements with rich taste your daily diet.

Sliced bread with whole grain cereals, fiber and protein. Ideal for sandwiches, toasted for bruschettas or as a side to your daily meals. Available in 4 traditional flavours: Wheat with 6 Cereals, Wholegrain Wheat with Rye, Multiseed wheat and Wheat with Barley & Oat.
• Made with natural sourdough
• Fluffy & delicious
• Made with pure & fine ingredients

How is it made - Horiano

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