With the view of ensuring that all those who visit E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. web site benefit from the services offered, we are hereby describing a series of conditions ruling E.J. PAPADOPOULOS web site.

1. The first most important condition refers to “Netiquette”, which allows freedom of movement and speech, but without any damage or intrusion on the Internet.

2. E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. copyright, belongs to E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. .

3. We take pride in our name, products, trademarks and logotypes. It is understood that these belong or are ceded by consent of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. and cannot be used by you without our prior written consent.

Legal Information

1. The visitor/user of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. web site must read carefully the present and in case of disagreement with the conditions described, he/she MUST NOT MAKE USE OF IT. Otherwise, it is understood that these conditions are accepted and he/she concur. The legal information and the conditions of the present rule all pages of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. web site, except if the contrary is explicitly mentioned in a particular page.

2. Responsibility limitation: By entering the present web site, you accept that its use is done on your own responsibility and none of those participating in the creation, production or editing of the present web site has no responsibility whatsoever. It is indicatively, but not restrictively mentioned that there is no responsibility whatsoever for any direct, accidental, subsequent or indirect damage or expenditures of whatever nature (including attorney compensation, compensation for expertise services rendered or other expenses), which may incur directly or indirectly from the access, use or navigation on the present web site or the downloading of any material, texts, data, pictures, video or sound files from the present web site, including and indicatively but not restrictively mentioned anything that may have occurred by virus, bug, human intervention or omission, by any PC system, telephone line, hardware, software, or program malfunction or any other error, omission or delay in transmission from the PC or connection the Internet.

3. E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. without guaranteeing and consequently without any responsibility endeavors so that the information and contents be precise, explicit, updated, complete and of high availability. In no case including that of negligence, E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. bears any responsibility whatsoever for eventual damages incurred to the visitor/user resulting from the use of the present web site. The information, the whole contents and services are available “AS THEY ARE” without any guarantee either explicit or indirect, which E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. explicitly denies, including indicatively and not restrictively those related to commercialization and /or suitability.

4. Copyright: The whole contents of the present web site including indicatively but not restrictively texts, names, trademarks, logotypes, graphics, depictions, photographs, video or sound files and generally any type of files within the frame of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. copyright, under the national and international regulations for copyright, with the exception of recognized third party rights. Consequently, reproduction, re publication, copying, downloading, sale, transmission, distribution, editing, translation, modification by any means whatsoever either partially or summarized, are forbidden without prior consent of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. except if explicitly defined by the present. The visitor/user accepts that the content on the pages of the present web site constitute a protected trademark or product, the copyright of which belongs to E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. or to third parties (use allowed following relevant authorization) and as a result, a non authorized use may lead to penalties.

5. The visitor/user of this web site is obliged to abide by the Greek, European and International Law and the legislation ruling the telecommunications, and on the other hand, to abstain from any illegal or abusive use of the content and the services offered by this web site. As well, he/she is obliged to behave in a good manner, gently and discreetly during the visit/use, while it is explicitly forbidden to apply adverse competition practices or any other practices, which are contrary to “Netiquette” (Behavior code of Internet users). Any damage that may incur to this web site or to the Internet, resulting from adverse or bad use of the services to the user/visitor is totally of his/her responsibility.

6. Illegal or adverse behavior: Do not publish or transmit to this web site any pornographic, sexually immoral, defamatory, insulting, threatening, illegal or any other material that could lead to behavior liable under the Penal Code, or create a responsibility under the Civil Code or by any other means violate any Law regulation. Although E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. or any other party eventually involved in the creation, production or editing of this web site, may follow up, inspect or revise transmissions, dispatches, E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. and all parties involved in the creation, production or editing of this web site bear no responsibility, which may result from their contents including indicatively and not restrictively, any claims against defamation, insult, blasphemy, identity falsification (usurpation) or copyright violation.

7. Hyperlinks: Despite the fact that this web site may be connected with other web sites, E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. bears no responsibility whatsoever with the content and the services of the other web sites, to which it directs via hyperlinks, or banner, neither guarantees their availability. E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. bears no responsibility for direct or indirect authorization, approbation, relationship, sponsorship, or collaboration with hyperlinked web sites, unless explicitly mentioned. With entrance to this web site one accepts that E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. bears no responsibility for problems, which may arise during the visit/use of the web sites as directed by the present web site, the said web sites bearing all responsibility.

8. Revision: E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. has the right to revise the present legal information at any point in time for any reason whatsoever, without obligation or prior announcement. The users/visitors are obliged to check for eventual changes and if they continue to use it is understood that in any case they accept the modified conditions. Otherwise, they should abstain from use/ visit of this website.

9. Law applicable: This Agreement of use is ruled by the Greek Law, the Regulations and directives of the European Law and the relevant International regulations and it is interpreted on the basis of good faith, rules and of business ethics. If any of the regulations may be deemed contrary to the Law and as a result deemed to be void, ceases to be valid, without any effect on the rest of the conditions, which remain valid. No modification of the conditions of the present Agreement will be taken into consideration and will not constitute part of it, if not expressed in writing and not included in the present Agreement. Any disputes arising from the present Agreement are under the jurisdiction of the Athens Court of Law.

10. Rules applicable to the English version of the site: All the data of the english site version (apart from the «International Activity» section) follow the greek rules & regulations and are adressed to consumer’s of our product’s that are being marketed in the greek market.

Policy for the Protection of Personal Data

E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. wishes to build a community based on confidence, protection of privacy and freedom of expression. We want you to feel free in expressing yourself and at the same time feel safe in an environment controlled by you. If you decide to relay to us via Internet some of your personal data, which we may need, you may rely on the following policy for the protection of personal data.

The administration and protection of personal data of the visitor/user of this web site are subject to the conditions of this section and the relevant regulations of the Greek Law (Law 2472/1997 as completed by the resolutions of the President for the Protection of Personal Data, Presidential decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and art. 8 of Law 2819/2000) and the European Law (Directives 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK). Any future eventual adjustment will constitute part of this section. If any visitor/user disagrees with the conditions of Personal data protection as foreseen in the present section, he/she must abstain from use of the services of this web site.

General use of the web site:
It is not necessary for the visitor/user to submit any personal data in order to use the web site.

Exceptionally, Personal data are requested in case the visitor/user wishes to register as a member of the web site community and in case he/she wishes to participate to any of the competitions of this web site.

For the visitor/user to become a member of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. Internet community, the following data are required: Name and surname, email address and country of origin. The email address submitted to this web site is not used by E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. for promotional or marketing activities, unless with the visitor/user’ s consent.

For the participation of the visitor/user in a competition the following data are required, unless otherwise stipulated:
Compulsory: Name/Surname and email address.
Optional: Telephone, address and zip code.

IP addresses:
This web site checks the IP address via which the PC used by the visitor/user has access into the Internet. This information is used for the collection of statistical data aiming at the efficiency and continuous improvement of the services of this web site.

This web site includes links with other web sites, which are controlled by third parties (physical or legal entities). This web site is not responsible in any case for the conditions and the policy of these web sites regarding protection of personal data applicable by the said web sites.

This web site uses ’´cookies’´, a technology used to identify the services offered. The cookies are small text files (4KB at the most) that can be saved on the hard disk of the visitor/user without disclosing any writing or file from his/her PC. These are used in order to facilitate access of the visitor/user to the services of this web site or for statistical reasons. The visitor/user may adjust his server in a manner so as to be notified for the use of the cookies on the services of this web site and be in a position not to allow acceptance for the use of cookies.

General conditions for the protection of personal data:
This web site protects privacy of the personal data and cannot disclose to third Parties (with the exception as foreseen by the Law and solely to the competent Authorities).
This web site keeps files with the personal data sent by the visitors/users exclusively for communication, statistical and improvement purposes of the services and it is possible to elaborate part or the whole lot of these data for statistical, research or improvement purposes of the services rendered.

The visitor/user may communicate with the assigned department at 210 6100440, in order to ascertain the existence of his/her personal file and request corrections, changes or deletion.