Financial status

The company’s turnover reached 142,7€ million in 2016 (compared to €135,6 million in 2015). Earnings before taxes (EBT) amounted tο €10 million (2015: €10,6 million.)

The company increased its sales and strengthened its position in all categories of its business operations.

The company continued to strengthen its position in the savoury and sweet snacks market, by launching new added-value products (new Gluten Free product range and Cream Crackers with Beta Glucane), by engaging in new and innovative communication strategies (Caprice “Let’s Roll”, «Miranda like…mom», and Cream Crackers «Much more than a simple cracker ») and by brand extension (addition of 2 new flavours  in its Digestive Bars product range, which contributed both to the increase of the brand’s volume in sales and to marking  an important brand position in the Greek market).

The company has maintained its successful course in the fresh sliced bread market, increasing its sales, while significantly strengthening its market shares.

At the same time, Papadopoulos Bread had a dynamic presence on TV and digital media, by engaging in new communication strategies on all 3 brands “Gefsi2″, ” Choriano ” & “Archaia Spora (Ancient Seeds) with Dicoccum Wheat”.

In the field of bakery products, the company holds a strong position, while retaining a significant market share in the category of premium rusks. Moreover, the company launched a new added-value product (Rusks with Beta Glucane).

Internationally, the company maintains its growth trajectory, aiming to further penetrate the Organized Retail Networks in the European markets as well as the markets of the Middle East.

2015 (in thous. Euro)  2016 (in thous. Euro)
Total Assets 155.072 58.844
Equity 83.292 90.224
Liabilities 71.780 68.619
Turnover 135.577 142.716
Earnings before taxes 10.593 10.014